Graduate High School Early

Posted on April 11 2012

Most people think that online schools are like GEDs; that they’re not quite the same as a real school or a real diploma.  The truth is that The American Academy is not that way at all.  The American Academy is an accredited online high school that works hard to provide their students with better opportunities at life or to take classes that they want and/or need to.

Online high schools are a great option for many people including those in the following circumstances:

Although The American Academy is a great option for those that need to make up credits or earn their diploma, we’re going to show how they can help those students who want to graduate high school early and move on to a job, career, college, or whatever it may be.

Get Started Fast:

  • Classes start every Monday and enrolling is easy
  • Classes available 24/7
  • Tutoring available 24/7 to go along with teacher office hours


  • Courses are inexpensive
  • Pay as you go


  • Finish as quickly as you wish, sometimes in as little as a week
  • They can work around your schedule.  Have something come up in your life and you can just put off your work at The American Academy until you’re ready to start it again.
  • Accredited online high school so your credits will transfer easily to your high school or your college

 The American University is able to help students in many different situations but they not matter what your situation is they will be committed to your progress and success.  They will work hard to help you make up credits, earn your diploma, or graduate early.