Getting Into College

Posted on March 13 2012

While earning a high school diploma is important it is truly just a step towards higher education.  In our day and age, earning a college degree is crucial and essential to your success in your career.  Colleges look for a variety of things from their applicants and The American Academy strives to provide opportunities for their students to be able to apply and be accepted into, not just any college, but the college of their choice.

Colleges and universities look for many different qualifications, accomplishments, and characteristics from their applicants among which are the following:

  • High G.P.A.
  • Excellent Test Scores
  • Diploma from a Good School
  • Leadership
  • Rigor of Curriculum
  • Community Service
  • Great Essays
  • Work Experience

Obviously some of these are more important to the application than others but The American Academy works hard to prepare their online high school students to succeed in the application process as well as in their further studies and careers.

The American Academy is an accredited online high school that strives to help all of their students have a great high school experience and they are committed to helping their student learn the important concepts that are taught in high school.  With 24/7 tutoring services available and licensed teachers holding online office hours; students at The American Academy are guaranteed the opportunity to graduate high school with a very high G.P.A., excellent test scores, and the skills to write great essays that will catch the board’s attention as well.

Being an accredited online high school means that a diploma from The American Academy is recognized by colleges and employers.  In other words, colleges won’t regard your diploma as a GED because it’s not.  You will have an actual diploma and that will take your application a long ways.  The curriculum at The American Academy is approved, supported, and monitored by licensed teachers and experienced administrators which provides you the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop while taking classes.

Sometimes your school schedule and your other activities might not allow you to have any job and therefore your college application would be lacking in that aspect.  The American Academy allows you to eliminate that problem by taking online high school classes that fit around your schedule and in doing so you can have a job and gain that necessary work experience.

The American Academy wants all of their students to graduate with a diploma, but also to prepare them for college so that they can be successful in their future endeavors.  They want their students to go on to great careers and they do their best to make sure that happens while also trying to make the high school experience more convenient for its students.