Finding the Best Education for Gifted Children

Posted on March 13 2012

More and more kids these days are being recognized as “gifted”. Their IQ level is often well beyond that of their peers and they don’t quite “fit in” at traditional schools. Even though it’s great to have a gifted child in your family, they take special care. Many parents may not be aware of all the programs available to gifted children.

One of the first resources that parents should seek is to meet with the counselor at their local school. Teachers and principal should also be made aware that you are searching for options for a gifted child. They often have a great number of resources in the community. There are certain special educational services available by law if your child meets the criteria.

One of the best pieces of advice that parents of a gifted child can receive is to be sure to provide a normal, loving home atmosphere. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on your child to work harder or be more. Most child psychologists will recommend that you treat your child just like he or she is a normal kid. Allow them to play outside with other children. Being a kid should be a very fun, positive and memorable time in our lives.

What are some of the Characteristics of Gifted Children?

Parents are normally the first ones to realize that their child is different. They see and hear things from a very early age that make them wonder. Gifted kids normally differ from others in their age range in several ways:

  • They learn to read early and have better comprehension
  • They often read quite a bit and have a bigger vocabulary.
  • They can focus better on projects and don’t grow restless as quickly as other kids.
  • They have an insatiable need to learn things.
  • They respond well to adults and may prefer the company of older kids.
  • They well work independently.
  • They can easily pick up non-verbal cues.
  • They can easily “think outside the box” when solving a problem.

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