Finding an Adaptable High School

Posted on December 29 2011

The American Academy online high school is an excellent—and commensurate—alternative to a brick and mortar high school. Everything a student can expect from a traditional high school is offered by The American Academy's online high school programs. What makes The American Academy stand out from traditional high schools is its versatility, which can be invaluable to many students.

Students who don't have the time or ability to attend a brick and mortar high school full time can greatly benefit from an online high school education. The flexibility of online high school courses allows students to complete schoolwork regardless of illness or time constraints. Additionally, when a student is busy, he or she can devote less time to school and vice versa.

The American Academy's online high school classes can be especially advantageous to students who wish to graduate high school early. All courses are self-paced allowing more gifted high school students to complete them in as little as one week. The fact that the courses can be done anywhere at any time even enables students to attend traditional high school while earning additional high school credit online.

The American Academy offers over 200 courses encompassing a diversity of subjects. The great variety of course subjects ensures all students will find courses applicable to themselves.

Some of the especially notable of The American Academy's online high school courses are:

  • Math
    • Algebra IA and IB
    • Geometry
    • Calculus
  • English
    • Speech and Communications
    • Sports Literature
    • Journalism
  • Science
    • Earth Systems
    • Physics
    • Principles of Technology
  • Social Studies
    • Geography for Life
    • Sociology
    • Navajo Government
  • Languages
    • German I
    • Latin I,II, III
    • Navajo Language
  • Career & Technical
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Adult Roles and Responsibilities
    • Computer Technology
  • Arts
  • Health & Physical Educational