Facts on the Home School Program

Posted on December 06 2011

Families that homeschool know that once their child reaches high school age, they need help. The American Academy offers that extra help that parents need in order to give their teen a quality, accredited education. Their homeschooling program features teaching and tutoring by licensed instructors. The programs are also self-paced. That means that if your teenager is a slow learner and needs more time to pick up the intricacies of geometry, then he or she will get it.

Every student is given personal care and attention. Each online high school class is monitored. The instructors at The American Academy will make sure that students understand homework assignments. If they have questions, a licensed instructor is available day or night to answer questions and provide direction. No child gets left behind in our Home Schooling Program.

The American Academy is an accredited online high school. This is very important if your teenager is planning to go to college. Your student will receive the very same credits for the subjects they take at a traditional high school. With a high school diploma in hand, they can go to college and move forward.

The American Academy offers over 100 individual courses for grades 9 through 12. You can even customize the program for your teenager. Maybe they started out in a traditional high school and now only needs a handful of credits to graduate. Our home school program is here to help make sure your teenager learns the course material and passes their tests so that they can receive their high school diploma and move on into a bright future.

Homeschooling is a great alternative for families who are located far away from urban cities perhaps in rural areas where a good high school is just not available. With such a large number of online high school courses available, your student will have no trouble finding the ones they need to get the correct credits in order to graduate.

The wide range of subjects allows each student to build their own curriculum for home school credits and electives that fits their particular situation. Your teenager can pick and choose from unique courses like digital photography, biology or astronomy. They can build an exciting curriculum that will make learning fun.

A virtual high school and home schooling program may not be for everyone, but it works for a lot of families and it may be for you. The American Academy is committed to the success of every student enrolled in one of our programs. We want to help you get the education you need in order to succeed.