Developing Good Study Habits

Posted on March 13 2012

It’s easy to get distracted when we don't feel like doing something. Homework is a good example. Each time you sit down to do your homework, you start daydreaming, or you wonder what’s on TV; there are a million things like that we can get preoccupied with. All these distractions keep us from really focusing on the work at hand, which is homework.

Of course, having the right motivation is one of the keys to focusing on your homework. It’s hard to pretend that homework is one of your favorite video games, but you can tell yourself that getting good grades will enable you to get a great job someday. That job could provide you with the money to buy all the latest video games and newest systems.

The first key to developing good study habits is to learn how to concentrate on what you are currently doing. Whether you’re washing dishes, doing homework or balancing your checkbook, you will do a better job of it if you turn off all distractions around you so you can focus better. That means the TV, cell phone, games, computer... anything that might be keeping you distracted. There are several terrific benefits to concentrating on only one task at a time:

  • You do a better job of it.
  • You get done quicker.
  • You can move on to something more fun.
  • You’re training yourself to develop good study habits.

Another important element to developing good study habits is to do your homework early in the day while your mind is still fresh. If you wait till midnight, then you’ll be tired and stressed out. This applies in many areas. Everyone performs better when they are well rested and calm. We all do our best work when we’ve just had a good night’s rest and are feeling bright and happy. Statistics verify that when we are well rested and alert, our mind can concentrate more easily.

Things like stress, poor eating habits or lack of sleep can be bad for your studying and your overall health but often they are easy to fix. Realize that it is in your best interests to learn some self-discipline techniques. These can serve you throughout your lifetime. Becoming a well disciplined individual is the mark of maturity. We all grow up and begin to see the importance of taking care of the things that are most important to us, such as our family, health and job.

You’re never too young or too old to start developing a more structured or disciplined lifestyle. We all enjoy kicking back and enjoying a whole day of movies or games but there should also be a good mix of time spent working or going to school and attending to the other things in our lives that are meaningful. Learning good study habits while you’re still young will help all throughout your life. Everyone has to face some sort of “big test” from time to time and your consistent ability to focus on important tasks will help you to come out a winner every time.

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