Dealing with the High School Drop-out Problem in America

Posted on December 06 2011

Over 26% of all students drop out of high school before graduating. Latest statistics show that over 5 million high school age kids are not attending high school. This is the fundamental reason whyThe American Academy was formed. We saw a great need to deal with the overwhelming high-school drop-out problem currently facing America.

At The American Academy, we know that our children are our future. It’s so important to help these students get back in school and obtain their high school education. Without a high school diploma, there is very little hope that these kids will go on to get a college education and then a successful career in the workforce.

What are some of the Main Reasons High School Students Drop Out?

There are so many reasons why a teenager might drop out of high school. Some of these are old stories that you’ve heard before and some are new and very much a part of problems facing the school systems of America. Some of the main reasons why high school students drop out are:

  • Pregnancy. Believe it or not, each year in America approximately 750,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 get pregnant. Often, they are forced to leave high school early because of rules or ridicule from other students.
  • Divorce. Often, if there is a divorce in the family during a teen’s high school years, this stress causes the student to be unable to concentrate on studying. They feel overwhelmed by life and can’t continue with school.
  • Financial. Many Americans have lost their jobs in the past few years. Large and small companies have shut their doors. A teen may feel compelled to quit high school and help his family so that they don’t lose their home or other possessions.
  • Bullying. When kids are different, they are often teased and made fun of in school. In recent years, this problem has become so bad that kids feel the need to end their own lives. If your teenager is somehow different from the average student, they may get teased and made fun of every day at school. This can be a heavy burden for kids to bear.

At The American Academy, we are fully aware of these facts. Our innovative Dropout Recovery Program offers school districts an effective means of providing a full and complete high school education to students.

Your teenager deserves every opportunity to live a full and successful life and starting without his or her high school diploma greatly impedes his or her chances. At The American Academy, we are concerned about the huge drop-out rate among students in America and we’re taking steps to turn it around.

At The American Academy, we recruit those lost students based on information we get from local school districts. We provide over 200 online high school courses that are supported by state-licensed agencies. We employ localmentors who know your community. We also offer laptops for students, when needed, so that they can freely access courses.

We offer world-class student support and access to live tutors 24x7x365. Students get the help they need to finish high school. Our student reporting is rigorous and "audit-ready". Your school district helps us by identifying those students who have dropped out of high school. Once we receive these vital reports, we may receive funding for that student who wishes to enroll in our program. State agencies will issue your diploma once you have completed your school's graduation requirements.

The Good News is that there is no upfront cost to you for this program. We take all the risks! If we're not successful recovering these students, then the district owes nothing.

To learn more, visit our Dropout Recovery Program website or give us a call at 1-866-689-1932. Together, let's do something about it. ™