Cool Things You Can Learn from a Virtual High School

Posted on July 01 2013

Having an online high school education is not about earning enough credits to get a high school diploma. More than that, it can prepare you for the competitive global environment. Indeed, there are a number of skills that are honed through a virtual high school more than a brick and mortar high school. Online learning can actually be a great opportunity for one to grow and become more competitive in today’s digital world.

Here are some things that a student can learn and develop in a virtual high school:

  • Preparation for college. College students need to know how to learn independently. This includes mounds of reading material and papers to write. Online high school helps set the groundwork for college, since finishing your lessons is largely dependent on your efforts. However, this does not mean that you are going at it alone in The American Academy. You have access to online teachers who will provide you with support and guidance when you’re stuck with a particular topic.
  • Readiness for the high-tech generation. Taking lessons online not only makes you feel comfortable with technology, you also become more well-versed and savvy in them. This does not only pertain to the use of the computer and its software, but also conducting research using the internet and other internet-based resources such as online libraries. Employers and companies are taking on a more global mindset and concentration through virtual connections. An online education prepares you for the virtual office as you develop your skill is using new technologies.
  • Communications using e-mail and messaging tools. The need to express yourself effectively using the medium of e-mail or instant messaging is constantly being honed by an online high school education. After all, e-mail and IM are your primary tools to connect with the online teachers and classmates. It is often challenging for some to get their point across and be understood using the written word, which is very different from communicating face to face. Learning how to communicate through writing (memos, reports, technical documents and emails) is one of the important skills you can offer to future employers.
  • Self-motivation. In order to finish your online high school courses, you need to be able to motivate yourself into doing your work even when you don’t feel like it. Remember, you won’t have teachers and peers that help to motivate and drive you to complete assignments and projects. Being a self-starter is an important skill you can develop. Even with the presence of your online teachers, completing coursework will rely mostly on how you can “go the extra mile”. Self-motivation is a quality that employers will appreciate and even expect from employees keen on climbing the corporate ladder.
  • A learning style that adapts to new methods. The usual classroom setup where a teacher delivers the lessons face to face is not the only way to learn and take in information. The novel way lessons are delivered online help a student adapt to new ways of learning, as well as adjust to the latest methods and challenges that arise from the working environment. The working environment is filled with challenges and change and often, to succeed, you need to think on your feet. An online learning education helps you develop a learning style that is quick to adapt to any emerging technologies.
  • Critical thinking. With the flood of information available via the Internet, you need to learn to be critical in evaluating the information, to separate facts from opinions and draw your own conclusions. An online education helps you develop this as you glean information and develop your own opinions from blogs, threaded discussions and other online sources.