Common Online Pitfalls to Avoid

Posted on July 25 2017

For many students, the option to take online classes is immensely beneficial. It allows for totally different time management, along with adjustable learning styles that many students prefer.
At The American Academy, we offer a comprehensive range of high school classes online – and the expertise to help you succeed in them. Part of this success includes navigating a few common pitfalls found within online learning. Let’s look at a few, and how you can avoid them.

Time Budgeting

Online classes allow for very different time budgeting, but don’t make the mistake of assuming this simply means you don’t have to put much time in to succeed. No, a good online course will be engaging and thought-provoking in the same ways as a normal course, including the workload and the time required. Plan for 10 hours a week of study or homework, unless specific directions are given to the contrary.

Learning Style

Online classes are taught in a very different format than many conventional ones, and this style can be good or bad for some people. Some might love the organization and learn-as-you-go theme often found in online classes, where other students might learn better with more face-to-face interactions and watching someone rather than reading.

This latter group might prefer an alternative option for a given course, but the former group will thrive in the online environment. In either case, be realistic about what your learning style is to help achieve maximum success.

Technology Concerns

Before committing to a given course, be sure you have the technological capabilities to complete it. Limited computer or internet access could be an issue in some cases, and many programs require paid programs like Microsoft Word or Excel.

Too Much, Too Soon

If you’re just making the switch to online courses, don’t overload yourself too much. Start slowly, with just one or two introductory-style classes. Too many students sign up for the full load and aren’t able to adjust quickly enough to changing workloads and technology requirements.

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