Common Homeschool Myths Debunked

Posted on November 06 2017

For many parents and children, considering a homeschooling situation for high school is a reasonable route to take. Many kids will benefit from homeschool programs, and at The American Academy, our homeschooling programs include classes online that’s specifically designed for families who benefit from these areas.

Unfortunately, there are a number of common myths that get around regarding homeschooling. Let’s look at a few of the most frequent, and spend a few minutes debunking them.


Perhaps the most common myth associated with homeschooling is that it prevents children from being able to socialize in normal ways. This simply isn’t true – homeschooling gives the entire family more opportunity for homeschooling, because it puts you in charge of the school schedule. There’s no time wasted traveling to school and between classes, and students work at a pace that’s comfortable for them – rather than for 25 other students in a class.

This leaves plenty of time open for socializing, from field trips and travel to time with friends. Kids totally avoid negative social elements like peer pressure and bullying that are found in traditional formats, as well.

No Teacher Interaction

It’s assumed that homeschool students just sit in front of a screen all day and don’t interact with a teacher. In reality, students often work one-on-one with a teacher – teachers are often able to respond to students more quickly via digital communication, and they can do so at a pace that’s comfortable for each individual student.

College Acceptance

Some people think that colleges won’t accept homeschooled students, but such students attend top universities across the nation. Many colleges actively recruit homeschooled students, as some of their learning skills often make them better prepared for college than the average traditional student.


There are plenty of extracurricular activities available with homeschooling, despite a common misconception that there aren’t. Students waste less time between classes and with disruption, which leaves time for plenty of activities. Many localities have homeschool groups that offer resources for extracurricular activities – there are plenty of clubs, sports, lessons and field trips generally available.

For more on debunking the myths associated with homeschool programs, or to find out about any of our online class options, speak to the educators at The American Academy today.