College Preparations: Smart Starters for Future College Students

Posted on January 09 2013

College is a major educational milestone, one that is met with a mixture of anticipation but also of fear and dread. As you consider this exciting chapter of your educational life, the voices in your head will start saying, “Do you have what it takes? Is college really for you?”

But like most things, when you finally do decide to take the plunge, you will discover that you can do it, if you have made the proper preparations. The best time to prepare is not the month before you are poised to enter the hallowed halls of your selected college – but way before, while you are still in high school, even if it is an online high school program.

Here are some smart starters:

  • Decide on possible courses considering your interests and the career you have in mind. Your career options should be a good fit in relation to your personality, learning style, interests and abilities. You can talk to loved ones or professionals or people who are already in a field that interests you. Better yet, you can ask to visit their office so you can see whether it is something that fits you. If you are enrolled in an online high school, you can communicate with your online teacher to garner insights they have about a particular career path.
  • Select your college. Make a short list of the colleges that offer relevant courses. Consider:
    • The kind of institution. You can choose from universities, community colleges, vocational schools or even online schools. Visit the schools in your short list to get a feel for campus life. Visit the library, the dormitories and other school facilities.
    • The location, whether you want something near home or are okay with a college that’s a considerable distance from where you live.
    • The tuition and scholarship opportunities available. How much will a diploma cost? What’s the tuition per semester? Are there any scholarships you can apply for?
  • Prepare by taking related courses. Your selected career path can make it easier for you to choose elective online high school courses. The American Academy offers over 100 high school subjects, including career-related courses. For instance, if you want a career in marketing, start by selecting marketing –related electives such as Sports Marketing. If you are looking into having a career with computers, consider taking electives such as Computer Technology or Business Webpage Design. Of course, you can also take on more challenging subjects to prepare you for a math-intensive course such as engineering. Taking in these challenging classes also looks good in your high school transcript. Of course, when you’re getting your high school diploma online, it is highly important to ensure that your online school is accredited.
  • Develop the disciplines needed in college. Time management, self-motivation and becoming technologically savvy are just some of the skills and disciplines that a college student should have. These are also some of the skills you can learn as you are working towards earning your high school diploma via online classes. With an online school such as The American Academy, you are able to get the opportunity to grow these skills so that needing them come college would not come as a shock.
  • Start saving money. Even a little amount tucked away everyday will add up over time. You can use the money you save to buy books, help pay for tuition or college accommodations.

With these simple steps, you can be confident as you move into a new chapter in your educational life.