Choosing an Online High School

Posted on December 29 2011

There are many variables to consider when choosing an online high school. First, you should look for accreditation. Also, you should check to make sure the school has qualified instructors to teach your student. Course selection may be a factor in your determination of which online school to attend. Affordability is another item to consider.

A virtual high school should have gone through the same accreditation process as a traditional high school. There are six regional accrediting bodies across the nation. Making sure the online school your student attends is accredited ensures that high school credit can transfer to other high schools if necessary and that your student will have the opportunity to apply to colleges. The American Academy is an accredited online high school that receives its accreditation from the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

You want the best quality instruction for your student. Part of getting the highest quality education is the qualifications of instructors. Instructors should be certified teachers. All of The American Academy’s instructors are state-certified in their subject matter.

You should have enough of a course selection to fulfill all of your state’s high school graduation requirements. Also, a virtual high school should provide classes that can prepare your student for his or her plans after high school, whether those plans are to go to college or to start a career track. In addition, you want your student to be engaged in their classwork by an online high school providing lots of interesting courses. The American Academy has over 100 online classes to choose from.

Affordability is another factor when you are deciding between online high schools. Online high school courses at The American Academy cost just $436 a unit, which is just $109 per quarter unit course. Plus, you can save 10% by bundling English and Social Studies courses or Math and Science courses together. Save 20% by enrolling in a full year of courses at a time.

The availability of student services should be considered. At The American Academy, 50 minutes of free tutoring are provided for each individual course. In addition, teachers are available during office hours by e-mail or chat for your convenience.

A final factor to consider is the layout of courses themselves. Courses should be convenient and frequent as well as available as much as possible. At The American Academy, you can take any course starting each Monday. You can work on your course at any time of day or night. There are no minimum time requirements, so you can finish your class in as little as a week or less or take up to six months to finish a course if needed.

The American Academy is a smart choice for your online high school diploma. It is a fully accredited high school with qualified, state-certified teachers. It has an extensive course catalog of over 230 classes. With The American Academy’s flexible scheduling and no minimum time requirements for its courses, you can finish high school on your own terms, possibly faster than you could in a traditional high school. The American Academy is affordable, convenient, and always open to serve you.