Blunders Online Students Need to Avoid

Posted on September 19 2012

If you have decided to earn your high school diploma online, you will be investing not just your money but also your time into the courses. As such, it will be wise to avoid making blunders that will negatively affect you in one way or another. According to experience, here are some of the mistakes you need to know so that you can avoid them:

  • Enrolling in a diploma mill. There are legitimate online schools and sadly, there are some who are not. And these so-called diploma mills are giving the legitimate ones a bad name! Be sure that before you enroll in a virtual high school, you have thoroughly checked them out to ensure that they are accredited and the online high school credits you earn are accepted in the college you want. For instance, The American Academy comes with the accreditation from the Northwest Accreditation Commission.
  • Not considering what it will require from you. The common mistake is in thinking that online high schools don’t require any effort. While it is true that an online school has made it easier by giving you access to lessons you can do at your own pace, it will still require you to study the lessons and work on your projects. You need to consider how many hours a week you can devote to your coursework. That way, you’re not taken by surprise by the required assignments and projects for a particular course.
  • Not gearing up technologically. If you have a slow internet connection or have difficulty waiting for your turn on the household’s single computer unit, you may have problems finishing your online high school courses.
  • Taking on too much. Before you start taking 5 courses for a single period, try one or two easy courses so you already get a feel of online learning before you take on more difficult coursework. Taking on more than you can actually do may result in feelings of frustration and being overwhelmed. You may end up giving up even before you have made progress towards earning your high school diploma.
  • Plagiarism. Copy and pasting works from other sources and claiming them as your own is an academic no-no. This is a form of cheating that can easily be checked by various software currently available.
  • Living like there’s always “tomorrow”. “I’ll do it later.” “Tomorrow’s good enough.” When you are doing your lessons at your own pace, the challenge is for you to be self-driven and self-motivated in order for you to successfully complete the requirements of your case. As the saying goes, “Look before you leap.” If you put off chunks of work, expecting to finish them at the last minute, you may not be making the most out of the learning you should have gotten from the lessons. If you have a problem with time management and motivation, you can ask help from your online schoolmates, as well as the online student service representatives from The American Academy. They can provide you with invaluable help in time management skills.
  • Not using available resources (online or otherwise). The Internet has a wealth of resources you can utilize! There are dictionaries, virtual books and papers that can help you in getting a deeper understanding of your lesson and in completing your assignments (but of course, don’t be tempted to copy-paste!). To harness the Internet, you need to learn how to efficiently form your searches. Aside from these resources, you can also consider paying a visit to your local library to help provide you with useful material for projects and activities.

Getting an online high school education is different from a brick-and-mortar classroom. As such, it will be ideal to avoid the above mistakes to enjoy the full benefits of earning your high school diploma online.