Benefits of Virtual High Schools

Posted on June 08 2012

The benefits of virtual high schools are expansive and include:

  • Accredited online high school offers the ability for parents to attend virtual classes with their children, keeping them up-to-date on their children's education.
  • Classes are available everyday, all day – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students have the ability to access classes from anywhere via an internet connection.
  • Online high school understands that students learn in different ways. While some students are visual learners, others may learn better through auditory means. Self-directed approaches allow students to learn via the method that best suits them.
  • Students have the ability to re-read course content and view lecture materials. This allows for limited distractions and reduces "thought roaming" that is often associated with boredom.
  • Online classes promote classroom discussion and participation. This provides an educational environment, versus one that may lean towards a mostly social outlet.
  • Specialty instructors are located globally, but have a special focus on the top at hand. For example, perhaps some remote school districts have difficulty locating a Japanese language teacher. Due to lack of global restrictions with online classrooms, having a teacher that specializes in a unique subject is common.
  • Using advanced technology in the form of education also teaches students practical, hands-on applications for advanced technology. This is not only beneficial for students who plan to attend college, but also for those that desire a career in the business world.
  • Online classrooms are typically less intimidating and are not restricted by seating arrangements, segregation by gender, age, locale, etc.
  • Instructors are available via discussion groups, online chats and email. Instructors will respond as soon as possible and no appointments are required. Privacy is paramount when communicating directly with an instructor.
  • The American Academy offers more than 100 online courses! Due to budget constraints or enrollment numbers, not all schools are able to offer that staggering number.
  • Online learning environments actually facilitate learning and open communication paths. Some students do not fare well when put on the "spot" so the opportunity to thoroughly collect one's thoughts makes online learning an excellent match for some students.
  • The American Academy is certified through the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the U.S. Department of Education, guaranteeing credit acceptance at universities and colleges.