Benefits of Online Education

Posted on June 02 2012

Education and teaching methods benefits children differently. While some children are more apt to learn through visual stimuli, yet others require verbal teaching. The American Academy understands that all children learn differently. They take into consideration that some teenagers do well in a classroom setting and others work well independently with online courses.

Specializing in ensuring that every teenager graduates with a diploma, The American Academy is an accredited online high school that offers a number of different programs. The benefits of online education, especially for those students who have dropped out of school are immeasurable, but some include:

  • This program gives students the chance to earn an online high school diploma, affording them the benefits of pursuing a higher college education or vocational college degree in the future.
  • Students, who may be behind in graduating credits, can take online summer school sessions online, affording them the opportunity to graduate with their high school class.
  • Due to various budget constraints within districts, online class may offer a variety of additional supplemental courses that interests teenagers, for example, Latin, Sports Marketing, Navajo Language and more!
  • Additionally, foreign languages are very appealing to future employers. Students can easily take additional online summer courses in French, German, Spanish, Latin and Navajo.
  • The American Academy is an excellent option for international students transferring into a U.S. school or participating in a foreign exchange student program. Sometimes international credits do not transfer so to enable students’ time to catch up on credits prior to entering the country, it may be best to look for alternative education, such as online courses to help supplement their transcripts.
  • Online high school programs are an excellent option for homeschooled students. Not all parents are familiar with certain foreign languages that may be of interest to a teenager, advanced sciences, etc., so online courses afford a broader educational opportunity for students learning at home.
  • The American Academy expands students’ horizons! Students are offered a variety of classes to help them choose which career path interests them. It gives an energized focus for students that want to pursue a higher education after high school, even providing students with ideas for future studies that may be of interest.
  • Online courses also provide teenagers with the ability to continue their education to obtain a high school degree – albeit if they have dropped out, are a teen parent, have fallen behind in school due to a medical emergency or trauma situation, etc.
  • Students are also able to work at their own pace, allowing them to have part-time jobs and learn about the work force.