Benefits of Graduating High School Early

Posted on January 22 2012

Many people are opting to graduate school early. Even school districts and the government are exploring investments in early graduation programs. Graduating high school early is not for everyone, but for those that are interested and ready, graduating high school early can be especially helpful for those who are eager to focus on their professions, or who are considerably self-directed and focused.

Graduating high school early can get you to college sooner. Getting to college sooner than your peers can also mean graduating college earlier and thus entering the workforce sooner. Graduating early urges students to get a head start on life – whatever challenges may be awaiting them outside the door.
Because of the flexibility of an online high school education, it is easy to graduate high school early with The American Academy. You do work at your own pace, on your own time, and wherever you choose. You have over 100 courses to choose from for credit. You may also pay for courses as you go. You can work after school, on weekends, during the holidays, or over the summer vacation to get ahead and to bring graduation closer and closer.
The credits you earn from The American Academy can be easily transferred to your high school or to a university or college because the school is an accredited online high school. The American Academy is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, which is one of six regional accrediting bodies and is on the list of the U.S. Department of Education’s list of legitimate accrediting agencies.

In order to meet the requirements for your school’s graduation program, talk to your school and determine how many more credits, and which required courses, you have left to graduate by a certain time. Do you need science, math, or history credits to graduate? Do you have elective credits that you need to fulfill? The American Academy offers a diverse selection of online high school courses – all traditional subjects in addition to unique selections that your school may not offer. So, in your senior year, you can opt to take Human Biology for a science credit,and Calculus for a math credit. You can select Horse Management as an elective, and Digital Photography to go towards either your art or elective credits.
Once you have talked over your options with your school guidance counselor or principal, it is a good idea to obtain verification in writing that the courses you elect to take will be recognized by your school.
Whatever the circumstance or academic situation, with realistic goals, The American Academy can help you meet your needs to graduate early.