Benefit All Types of Students

Posted on March 13 2012

Online schools have popped up all over the place but the experience that The American Academy can give you is like no other.  They have many different programs available to you as a student and they are committed to helping you learn and progress in your high school career.

Earn Credits: You can take high school courses ahead of the typical schedule or behind it as well.  Whether you’re making up credits because of a failed course or you’re working hard to get ahead, The American Academy makes it much easier.  You can do it as your pace or on your schedule.  No more summer school for you while your friends are having fun out in the sun.  You can have more time to work, play, or be involved in a number of other activities while staying on track for your desired graduation date.  You can graduate high school early by taking on a few extra courses and start your college education a year earlier.  The American Academy also gives you the opportunity to take the courses that you want but that may not be offered at your local high school.

Earn Your Diploma: If you weren’t able to graduate high school you might have found that it can complicate your life quite a bit.  Searching for a job is more difficult and many times you may be told that you don’t even “qualify” for the job because you don’t have a diploma.  Why shortchange yourself?  It’s easy to earn your diploma at The American Academy and it will open up many doors and earn you higher salaries that otherwise might not have been available to you.  An online high school diploma is very different than a GED as well.  If you earn your diploma at The American Academy it is much more valuable to you because The American Academy is an accredited high school.  Sometimes family or work responsibilities can make it difficult to attend school but by attending an online school the classes can work around your schedule.  Tutoring is available 24/ 7 so you always have access to help if you need it.

Homeschool: More and more families are deciding to home school their children and The American Academy makes this possible for parents.  Most parents feel comfortable teaching their children themselves up until they reach high school but when staring down Trigonometry, Geometry, Chemistry, or other advanced courses many parents get very nervous and don’t know how to proceed.  By enrolling your student in The American Academy we solve that problem.  You can continue to homeschool your student but also have the help that you need because each course that is offered at The American Academy is supported by licensed teachers.  These teachers will monitor your student’s grades and progress and will be available through online office hours.

The American Academy has a variety of programs.  You can have your program be as structured as you want or need it or you can just take one specific course but either way The American Academy will help you further your educational experience and prepare you for a career or further education.