Athletes and Online Learning

Posted on September 19 2012

Is your child gifted in the area of athletics? Is your child training to be the next Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Michelle Kwan or Venus Williams? You know the kind of sacrifices required of your child in order for him or her to make it to the top. This means waking up at the crack of dawn to exercise, going to regular rehearsals and traveling to various places to attend competitions. It takes a special type of discipline to be the kind of athlete your child desires to be.

The erratic schedule of athletes makes it hard for them to go to a “regular” school. The missed days of school can put a heavy burden on the student-athlete. It may provide frustration as he tries to keep up with the rest of the class. It also means that the child is losing out on lessons he needs to learn. There may even come a point when the student is forced to choose whether to leave his studies and continue with his chosen sport, or vice versa.

That is why some parents turn towards an online high school program to provide their child with the education he needs, even as he strives to be the best in his field. This means he can earn his high school diploma and his medals – all at the same time.

Here are some reasons why a virtual high school is a good choice for busy athletes:
some reasons why people have decided to enroll in a virtual high school, instead of a regular school:

  • More opportunities to play his chosen sport. When your child is able to earn his high school diploma early and qualify to go to college, this can provide him with the opportunity to join the varsity team and get early exposure to professional teams. For other sporting events, the flexibility that an online school provides the freedom to attend competitions not just in his city, but also in his state and even in the entire country.
  • More time for training and practice. An athlete needs a rigorous training schedule. He needs more time to attend training. He may need to wait for the availability of the pool, basketball court or skating rink. A regular school will most often than not have conflicts with this erratic schedule. As a student of a virtual classroom, he can schedule his lessons before or after his training and rehearsals.
  • The athlete can access his lessons anytime and anywhere. As long as he has an internet signal and a laptop, he can finish his lessons when and where he can, be this at the poolside, is waiting for practice to start, resting in his hotel room, or waiting for his next flight.
  • An online school helps the athlete manage his time wisely. The athlete can divide his time between his sport, his family, rest and relaxation and his other passions. Because online high school classes afford greater scheduling flexibility, he can plan ahead.
  • An online school provides the opportunity for well-rounded person. An athlete who excels in his field and is also articulate, well-reasoned and logical in his reasoning will be well-admired in his field. Earning a high school diploma in spite of his busy athletic schedule also gives your child a sense of achievement in another area of his life.

A virtual high school such as The American Academy provides over 100 online courses that are supported by state-licensed teachers. It provides quality online education, not just to student-athletes but also to other students who want or need the flexibility of a virtual school.