Are You ready for an Online High School Program?

Posted on January 09 2013

You may have missed the chance to get your high school diploma but it’s never too late. A virtual high school is an excellent opportunity for you to earn your high school diploma even when you’re busy with the other challenges of life – earning a living, taking care of a family, pursuing an athletic dream.

However, you may wonder if you are ready to take on the challenge of an online high school education. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide:

  • What are my goals? Would you like to go one step further in the educational ladder and go on towards college? Would you like to strengthen your resume and be more competitive in the jobs market? Do you want to start a business? If you would like to make it into the corporate world, a high school and college diploma will help. Some even go further to get their master’s degree. However, if you plan to get into business, a degree may not be the necessary means towards it. Of course, the skills you will get from your studies will also be helpful when you go into business. You just have to weigh the need earn the respective diplomas and how it will help you accomplish your goals.
  • Do I have the time? The good thing about a virtual high school is that it provides you with flexibility as to your schedule and the load you want to have. But still, check whether you can include an online high school program in your schedule. A 3-credit course will usually need 10 to 12 hours weekly, perhaps more, if you add study time and time to complete projects.
  • Do I have the time management skills and determination for an online course? Most people think that an online school is easier that a brick and mortar school. If the virtual school is an accredited one, it will have high standards – not just of what you can expect from them, but also what they expect from you. Don’t expect that you can waltz your way through it or have visions of lazing by the beach blithely typing on your laptop. The latter can be done, but it takes more than waltzing to earn the course. You need to read, research, write, work with classmates, study for tests and turn in homework and projects. These take considerable determination, as well as the ability to use your time wisely. If these are not your strong suits, you can try to start with a light load. As you develop your time management skills and begin to see the value of your high school diploma, you can begin taking on a heavier load.
  • Do I have the support of my loved ones and friends? Do you have someone you can turn to for support? Not just financially but also emotionally and practically. Can the spouse take over kiddie patrol while you’re working on a project? Does he or she understand that it may mean less time for romance and dates, more chores for him or her, as well as the kids? It will be helpful to have the support of loved ones, especially your spouse and children so as to avoid arguments and bickering. This can further add to your stress if there is no support from the people that are close to your heart.
  • Do you have the technology? Aside from a workable computer (with the requisite minimum memory and speed), you need a reliable internet connection, as well as other computer peripherals (webcam, microphone, ergonomic keyboard, etc.).
  • Do you have the necessary computer skills? Are you comfortable with computers and the Internet? Are you familiar with computer software? Can you draft and send e-mails, save files, download and upload videos and attachments and use the internet browser? The Learning Academy will provide you with software that is easy to manage and help facilitate your learning.

Review your answers to these questions. These will help you make that decision and even give the impetus for you to start with your selected courses.