A Student Speaks: On the Road with The American Academy

Posted on September 23 2008

I started the American Academy one month ago. So far, the American Academy has been wonderful! We are traveling full-time in an RV, so we needed a school that would fit into our schedule and also be very flexible. We were searching online for schools and my mom called the American Academy.

She spoke to Richard and he told her what she needed to look for in an online high school and what to avoid. We ended up searching further for schools, but the American Academy was the only one we really liked. I enrolled and really liked the teachers and the math curriculum. Things I like about the American Academy are that, it's accredited, it's flexible, there is always someone to answer my questions, and that you can go at your own pace. Just recently we were able to visit the staff at the American Academy in Salt Lake City, UT. They were extremely nice and answered all of the questions we asked them. They also told our story about us being on the road in an RV to the producer at Fox News Utah, and we were able to be on the morning show! It was very exciting! I am very happy that I am a student at the American Academy!

Watch Ben and his family on the Fox News morning show.