A High School Diploma: Is It Really Worth Having?

Posted on March 07 2011

Let’s face it. It’s a competitive world out there. Some even call it the rat race, or a dog eat dog world. And one has to carve out as much advantages to lead the pack or at least have a fighting chance towards success. And the competition is getting tougher by the year. With today’s global market, we should be ready with our own set of competencies and skills.

And there are many areas where one can try to take a competitive edge. One such area would be your educational background. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Current Population Survey 2009), one’s educational level affects earnings and employment rate. The higher your educational attainment, the higher your earnings. Also, the higher your educational attainment, the lower the unemployment rate.

Education pays

Based on the table above, you can see that unemployment or those without a high school diploma is almost twice that of those who did finish high school. The weekly earnings of a high school graduate are also 50% more than the weekly earnings of those without a high school accreditation. And as you go up the educational ladder, the chances of employment and more income increases.

Having a high school diploma clearly does have its advantages. One can never belittle the value of good education. An education does not guarantee success, but it does open a lot of doors that, with hard work and determination, can lead to professional and personal triumph. Education does not just provide one with confidence and a sense of achievement but is also one important factor employers will look for when they are evaluating potential employees. For instance, as an employer, all things (attitude, basic skills and personality) being equal, which applicant would you choose – the one with the diploma, or the one without?

A high school diploma provides a strong foundation by which you can build a career. It provides you with basic skills that you can use and profit from regardless of whether you will go on to college or to begin your career right after high school graduation. High school is the perfect starting point for you to plan and build your career with a view towards advancement. Indeed, a high school diploma is worth it!

In fact, even those who have finished high school (and opting for immediate employment) have a higher chance of enjoying a growing and thriving career. There are some good jobs that require no more than a GED or a high school diploma. For instance, a high school graduate can consider being medical assistants, personal and home care aides, dental assistants or pharmacy technicians.

There are some who, sadly, have missed out on the chance to graduate from high school due to some reasons – reasons that may be out of their control. They may be faced with fewer job opportunities and little choice by way of a career path. There may also be no sense of accomplishment and confidence that one has knowing that they have finished even just the basics of an education. Gladly, the story does not have to end there – there is a second chance available for everyone who wants one and is willing to work hard at it.

Even amidst one’s busy schedule as a parent or as an employee, one can still earn enough high school credits. Lessons can be finished at an individual’s pace. Also, there are those who want more opportunities and graduate college early can also speed up the process of earning enough high school credits. And they all can do this at the comfort and convenience of their own home. The solution is taking online high school classes.

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