6 Reasons Why Parents are Switching to an Online High School

Posted on October 03 2013

An online high school has slowly evolved to become a viable alternative to a brick and mortar high school. With the advancement in technology and the production of quality online high school courses, students can learn just as effectively.

Here are some reasons why parents are making the switch to a virtual high school:

  • Little or no barriers for those with medical conditions. For students who struggle with going to a brick and mortar school because of their physical condition or disability, the online environment has made earning a high school diploma easier. Students can learn from the comfort of their own homes but are still challenged academically due to the quality of the instructional materials.
  • Focus on the individual’s learning pace. Online learning removes the pressure to perform according to the day’s schedule or in keeping with other students. This is because there is more focus on providing personalized lessons. Students who aim towards finishing high school more quickly can also take advantage on the individualized approach since they don’t have to wait for the rest of the class to catch up. They can go directly to the high school courses that interest them and that provide extra credit towards graduating early.
  • Flexibility. This is not just in terms of the student’s schedule but also on the places where learning occurs. Because of the flexible schedule, students can learn while they are working and earning a living or taking care of the family. The flexibility online learning affords is also a plus for students who have various interests and life goals. For instance, aspiring athletes, actors or performance artists can still pursue their dream careers without sacrificing their education. And because learning can come at any time, they can schedule online classes between rehearsals, games or competitions or while they are traveling from one event to another. The flexibility also allows students to sign in and enroll at any time in the year.
  • More online high school courses. Virtual high schools such as The American Academy may actually allow a student to have more choices when it comes to course offerings. Brick and mortar schools may only offer certain courses depending on a teacher’s availability or schedule. However, online high schools can make their courses available at any time.
  • The opportunity to learn technology-driven skills. For a student to be successful in the online learning environment, he is challenged to make use of the technological tools available to him. He does not only become familiar with the various online learning tools, he becomes comfortable and adept at using these. The student also needs to step up in terms of learning how to effectively communicate in the “written” word – expressing himself clearly via e-mail, online forums and discussion boards. These learned skills are a great plus in a highly computerized society.
  • The opportunity to learn personal management skills. He also needs to develop skills that will be useful in his future career. He needs to learn to manage his time wisely and to motivate himself in order to complete tasks even with the presence of distractions.