3 Time Management Apps for Online High School Students

Posted on September 18 2014

We put in our due diligence and sought out the perfect trifecta of apps for online high school students. These apps are free, accessible and complement online learning. They're so good at what they do we’re using them to create this article. We’ve marked the task on Todoist, we’re drafting on Evernote and we’re logging the time on Toggl.

These apps make online high school better

When you implement one good learning practice, other learning practices tend to “show up” where you’d least expect them. To make the path to earning your diploma a little easier, we’ve listed out three great learning practices and assigned each one an efficiency building app.

Time management—Know Thyself with Toggl

If any single learning practice stands arms and legs above the rest, it’s good time management. It also happens to be one of the most consistent bad habits of online high school students.

Everyone works at different speeds, and by keeping a record of your time commitments you can set realistic expectations when planning out lengthy assignments. Using a timer while you work keeps you on schedule, and even ensures you take healthy breaks at regular intervals.

Toggl is a time management app that measures the time you commit to work, stores the information online and provides weekly emails so you can track project histories and schedules. It lets you assign tracked works to user created projects and has several view interfaces that give you transparency into your days, weeks and months. Plan out a work schedule and use Toggl to stay on track. Time your study breaks, and use Toggl’s stored information as a productivity journal.

Record Keeping—Write, Record, and Find It with Evernote

The inside of most high school backpacks look suspiciously like the inside of most classroom waste bins. Wads of class notes and crumpled syllabi form a papery mess that makes finding your information and ideas…hard.

Because online students have the advantage of a mostly electronic interface, keeping and finding information is already much simpler for them. But the documents folder in your C: drive or Finder is a poor way to organize research and notes.

Evernote is an all-in-one writing/storing/organizing application. You can write notes, drag and drop videos and images, link to resources and store document files inside of “notebooks” that keep important information contained in appropriate projects. Free on iOS, Android, and your computer, you can seamlessly access all of your materials from whatever device you have handy. Not to mention their logo is an elephant, and elephants are famous for their giant elephant memories.

Project Breakdown—Keep Big Projects Simple and with Todoist

Writing a fifteen page paper or assembling a semester’s portfolio is hard work. But all of us can manage little tasks that accrue into finished projects. Planning large tasks out into scheduled, manageable steps is a great way to tackle overwhelming assignments.

Todoist is a cloud based app that lets you list out the steps of large projects and check them off as you complete them. It comes with unique label and filter options that make navigation easy, and the app automatically syncs changes across devices. Task reminders email you notifications when due dates get close, and you can change priority levels so that the most important tasks show up first on your Todoist page.

Putting Them Together

To sum up: list out and schedule the tasks of a project with Todoist, compile your notes and written pieces on Evernote and track your time with Toggl. You’ll be organized. You’ll stay informed. And you’ll be more likely to approach assignments and learning from a creative, empowered angle.