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Helping Kids Manage Study Habits

For many students, online classes can be an excellent alternative to homeschooling or the traditional classroom format when it comes to time management. In some cases, though, other students may struggle with the transition it terms of managing their basic school workload.
At The American Academy, we’re here to help. Our online courses are accompanied by experts who can help with everything from time management to study habits. Let’s look at a few ways you as a parent can provide additional assistance to a child struggling with the time management transition while taking high school courses online.
Designate Specific Work Time
Set aside a specific period of the day that’s reserved only for homework and studying, and require that all screens or other activities are stopped during this time. It’s important that you as a parent participate here as well – remember their study times, and don’t text or call during them to remind them about chores, for instance. Helping your teen get into a more regular studying groove can really improve their overall habits.

Communicate With Teachers

Online courses offer the opportunity to communicate with teachers, who can be valuable for more than just class concepts. They can also help with grade monitoring and regular progress, and can let you know if your child is falling behind.

Check the System

Don’t be the nagging parent who sits over your child’s shoulder all day, but definitely take the time to check in on their progress periodically. If you notice particular areas where they regularly fall behind, check these more often. If you’ve set rules about work time that aren’t being followed based on what you see, enforce your rules until things change.

Be Around

Finally, the most important factor here is simply being available to help. Make sure you have at least some periods when you’re home during your child’s study hours, and commit to being available if they’re struggling in certain areas.

For more on how to help your teen with the transition to online courses, or to learn about any of our other programs, speak to the educators at The American Academy today.