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Truth Behind Online School Misconceptions

For those considering taking online high school courses, it’s important to have the proper information. The rise of the online high school world has unfortunately led to a number of common misconceptions about these kinds of classes and programs.
At The American Academy, we’re here to help set the record straight. Here are three of the most common myths you’ll hear about taking classes online, plus the reality of these situations.

It’s an Easy Fix

The loudest and most common criticism we see of online courses are that they’re simply an easy fix for students who don’t want to work hard. While the online environment may indeed offer a personalized format that some students find easier and more conducive to learning, it’s anything but an “easy way out” – the content is just as challenging as what students find in a traditional classroom.
In addition, online courses challenge students in other ways. A self-motivated learning environment forces students to learn responsibility at an earlier age, plus gives them more control over their own education and helps improve critical thinking skills.

Credits Aren’t Transferable

Earning the proper credit is important for all high school students, and there’s a false impression among some that online courses don’t allow this. As long as you’re attending an accredited online school like The American Academy, however, there are no issues here – our credits are easily transferrable to other high schools, or to colleges when you apply for admission.

It’s Just a Web-Based Classroom

There are indeed some hybrid formats where students attend actual “classroom sessions” offered as webinars outside of their normal classes. But within a fully individualized online school, this is not the case – students have full control over their schedule, including when and where to study or review material. But at the same time, they never sacrifice the support of teachers, who have flexible availability to answer questions or give one-on-one guidance.
For more on debunking common misconceptions on online courses, or to learn about any of our programs, speak to the educators at The American Academy today.