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Maintaining Online Student Social Life

From a parental perspective, one of the largest worries in moving a high school child from the traditional classroom to online courses is the social aspect. Online classes remove much of the personal interaction that kids get from attending school in person, and some parents naturally worry that this will impact their social development.
At The American Academy, we keep all these concerns in mind. Let’s go over a few tips we often offer parents on how to keep kids involved socially even when they begin taking classes online.

Attendance: More than Academics

Remind your teen that attending their online classes it about more than just their academics – it’s about opportunities for group work and social interaction. Make sure they keep time in their schedule to attend scheduled lectures and classes, even if they’ve already completed enough to guarantee a good grade. Interaction with peers is still interaction even when it’s through the screen, and it can be just as vital for teen development as the actual classroom learning itself.

Friend Time

In most of these cases, your child will have left behind some friends from their old school. It’s important to find them time to stay connected with these friends, whether it’s a single-day thing or regular planned sleepovers.
For kids who struggle in social areas, you can be proactive as a parent in helping. Whether it’s something as involved as contacting other parents to set up play-dates or just a motivational tactic like suggesting them to your child, you can help them maintain their previous social relationships.

Community Involvement

In addition, there are other community outlets that can offer a great social experience to kids who are learning online. Consider clubs, organizations and sports teams, many of which require no actual school enrollment. If you’re involved with church or other religious organizations, see if they have youth groups your child might enjoy. These kinds of outlets are especially valuable for kids who are struggling with social areas.
For more on keeping your child’s social development high through online courses, or to learn about any of our offerings, speak to the educators at The American Academy today.