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Student Stories

The team here at The American Academy is dedicated to our student's success. Our flexibile, affordable program allows many of our students to pursue their dreams without having to leave school behind.

Here's a few testimonials - hear it from the students!

Emily - Competitive Horse Reining - Her Experience with The American Academy

Hear about how Emily uses the flexibility of The American Academy to pursue her dreams. She competes in horse reining and is on the road...a lot! The American Academy's flexible learning program allows her to stay in school while she's on the road.

Calais Pursues Her Dream of Competing at the Olympics

Calais participates in equestrian sports and her goal is to compete at the Olympic level. Competitions take her away from home, but she's stays in school with The American Academy's online program.

Tyler Graduates Early, Despite Illness That Keeps Him at Home

Tyler missed a lot of school last year when he got sick. He joined The American Academy and took classes online as a way to catch up. He not only caught up, but he'll graduate a year early!

The Loecken Family Thanks The American Academy for Helping Them Pursue Their Dreams

See how The American Academy helps the Loecken family achieve their dreams. Ben Loecken is earning his diploma from The American Academy - taking his classes while touring the country with his family.

Fox News Channel 13 in Salt Lake City interviews the Loecken family about their RV tour, dubbed "ARK" - Acts of Random Kindness.