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The American Academy and Utah Electronic High School Join Forces to Extend Online Learning Opportunities

August 24, 2007 - The American Academy and Utah Electronic High School and Join Forces to Extend Online Learning Opportunities

(Salt Lake City, UT) – The Utah State Board of Education signed an agreement today that will allow The American Academy, a private, online high school based in Salt Lake City, to offer the Utah Electronic High School’s (UEHS) accredited diploma program to students seeking a high school education in the United States and around the world.

The UEHS is a publicly-funded high school that provides online courses and diplomas to high school-age students within the State of Utah. The school is among the largest and oldest distance learning institutions in the U.S., and is a recognized national leader in the growing online high school field. In the 14 years since its inception, the UEHS has provided educational opportunities to more than 80,000 high school age students. Last year, approximately 20% of the state’s high school-age students registered for at least one online course through UEHS.

The market for online high school education has grown rapidly in recent years. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation reported last year that more than 5 million high school age students are not attending school; approximately 80% of those students dropped out to provide financial support or care for their families. The American Academy will also provide opportunities for the tens of millions of adults who did not graduate from high school to earn an accredited and recognized high diploma.

The American Academy was established in 2006 by experienced entrepreneurs Anthony E. Meyer and Paul Zane Pilzer. Mr. Meyer is an entrepreneur with interests in education, real estate, healthcare, and media who also serves as Chairman of Meyer and Co. LLC, a New York City-based merchant bank ( Mr. Pilzer ( taught at New York University for 21 years, served as economic advisor in two presidential administrations, and is the author of eight bestselling books. The company is also funded by two of Utah's premier venture capital investors, vSpring Capital and Mr. Joel Peterson, founder of Peterson Partners.

According to Mr. Meyer, “This partnership will provide several powerful benefits to the UEHS and to licensed teachers in the state of Utah. The American Academy will use the UEHS curriculum and Utah-licensed teachers to deliver a first-rate education to its out-of-state students. At the same time, our innovative and robust technology platform for online learning will be made available to UEHS for use by the UEHS.

Mr. Pilzer noted, “We anticipate that The American Academy will work closely with the UEHS and the Utah State Office of Education to make the State of Utah a hub for innovative educational solutions. We are particularly excited that Utah-licensed teachers who are looking for a way to apply their skills and supplement their income from home will take advantage of this opportunity to work with us.”

State Superintendent Patti Harrington agrees: “The provisions of this agreement are mutually beneficial; this agreement is an example of a public-private partnership at its best.”