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Courses: Art

Number Name Description Price
ART110 Art Foundations

In Art Foundations, students will examine the seven elements of art, identify and apply different color combinations found on the color wheel, create invented textures, and apply the elements to their own artwork.

ART211 Digital Photography

In this course, you will learn how to use a digital camera through photographic assignments designed to understand and control the camera in a variety of situations. This class is a self-paced course. Your responsibility to receive credit will be to read and follow all the instructions, read the course materials, complete the on-line tests and use your digital camera to photograph the assignments and turn them in.

ART250 Music Appreciation

This Music Appreciation course provides students with an aesthetic and historical perspective of music, covering a variety of styles and developments from the Middle Ages through the Twentieth First Century. Students will acquire basic knowledge and listening skills, making future music experiences more informed and satisfying.

ART300 Art in World Cultures

In this Art course, students will learn about some of the greatest artists while also creating art of their own, including digital art. The course explores the basic principles and elements of art, examines how to critique art, and some of the traditional art of the Americas, Africa, and Oceania in addition to the development of Western art.