High School Dropouts

Posted on June 02 2012

Statistics show that most students who drop out of high school, if they resume their education, due so when they are older and not in a traditional school setting. The American Academy is an accredited online high school that coordinates with public school districts across the U.S. to allow dropouts to return to high school through online programs. This enables students to return to school when they are ready, providing a number of flexible course options.

With dropout programs ranging from Washington State to Florida, accredited and licensed teachers provide local tutoring support, student advocate services and state prescribed curriculums, in addition to technology support. The American Academy offers more than 100 online course, allowing students to take classes that peak their interests and/or further explore areas that are of future interest.

Many students drop out of high school because they have poor grades, low attendance records, become teen parents or are not interested in the social aspects of high school, etc. Everyone deserves a second chance in life, which is why The American Academy collaborates with the Dropout Recovery Program.

Some students are raised homeless due to tragic family-related events and/or circumstances, making it difficult for them to succeed in school. This program allows dropouts to have a second chance and pursue an online high school education.

High School dropouts not only receive customized tutoring that is coordinated with local school districts, but they also offer mentoring services, as well as career and college guidance. Teachers are also available via email, online chat services and telephone, ensuring that students have someone to turn to if they feel overwhelmed or need guidance and support.

This type of program also allows students to work at their own paces, ensuring that students who learn at a fast-pace do not become bored, and visa versa – enabling students who work at a slower pace to not get left behind but learn at a tempo that ensures school is an enjoyable experience.

While there is no one-size-fits-all educational model, having the opportunity for some students to graduate from high school via alternative means is productive not only for their future careers, but also for society. Just because someone does not learn well in a traditional setting is not a measure of intelligence, just as some people are better visual than auditory learners. Different styles appeal to different brain types and education is no exception.

It is important for districts and communities to foster programs that notify teenagers and dropouts that there are other alternatives and methods for obtaining a high school diploma. A more educated society leads to a more functioning lifestyle, one that is beneficial to citizens.