Time Management Tips for Online Students

Posted on March 18 2017

If you’ve decided to take online classes from a highly-rated and accredited source like The American Academy, there’s a good chance it’s because online courses offer you the sort of time flexibility you need in your life. Maybe you have a full-time job to manage, or perhaps you’re a single parent with lots of child-related demands on your time.

Online schooling offers a way to manage these kinds of concerns on your own time. It’s important not to fall into the trap of assuming “my own time” really means “fewer responsibilities,” though – more freedom to make your own schedule doesn’t suddenly mean certain requirements go away altogether. With that in mind, let’s look at a few basic tips for managing your time as an online student.

Stay Current

Checking in daily on all your classes is a great way to stay connected, even if you’re pretty sure you don’t have any requirements for a particular course on a particular day. We all have blips in our memory from time to time, and checking in also keeps you up to date if there are any big changes in the schedule or course requirements.

Getting into that kind of rhythm makes logging on to complete larger assignments less of a hassle, and can make the entire experience less overwhelming for many people.

Make a Plan

Most online courses will have a well-planned syllabus in place days or weeks before the course begins, so get yourself familiar with it. Once you are, do your best to lay out various requirements – what you’ll need to do each day or week, and any larger assignments you’ll have to spend longer periods on. Pre-planning your time will make it far easier to manage other elements of your life without falling behind.

Make Yourself Known

If you’re falling behind or struggling with some work, don’t be quiet about it. Make yourself known and available to your teacher, who may give you a little leeway if you’re dedicated and explain the situation. Being proactive about your own education is the best way to go in multiple areas, but especially if you fall behind.

Get Ahead

On the flip side, if you ever find yourself with spare time, getting ahead is a great way to free up flexibility down the line. Check ahead for big due dates, especially assignments which might require you to work for longer than the normal chunks of time you set aside.

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