It's Summer School time again!

Posted on March 25 2008

Last week we celebrated the first official day in spring, the harbinger (English students, add that to your vocabulary lists!) of longer days, warmer temperatures, and ...the scramble to make up credits or make room for next year's band class!

This year, we put together a program designed specifically for our "summer school" learners. We know you want to finish your courses as quickly as possible so you can enjoy as much of that precious sunshine as possible. (I'm with you on that!). The theme for our summer school program is "Get in, get out, and get on with it!"

And how are we going to help you do that? Well, check out our new Summer School Program page for details! Okay, I'll give you a preview here: our program is all about support, both academic and motivation. You'll have access to a licensed instructor to answer your questions AND to a professional online tutor available on-demand, any time, day or night. We have a study log to help you see your time add up, a podcast to help you get started on the right foot, and a Online Summer School newsletter to keep you going throughout the summer.

Did we miss anything? Students, I invite your feedback! Good luck, all!