International Students Find The American Academy Offers What They Need

Posted on June 27 2008

We get many calls every day, and of course many more online inquiries (after all, we are a virtual school!). Today we got a call that deserves particular mention. A gentleman called today from Saudi Arabia - his family is living in New Zealand. He was born in Korea.

His daughter needed to take some classes - English and Algebra - and clearly needed the flexibility of location as his family would be joining him in Saudi Arabia very soon. The schools in Saudi Arabia were on a different schedule than the schools in New Zealand, and his daughter would be behind on her studies when they moved.

We knew we could help him, and we did. It was a pleasure helping such an international family!

The stories we hear every day, about how what we offer at The American Academy helps people be more successful, is really an inspiration to me and our whole team. I'll be posting a page soon that has some examples of the great stories we've gathered in the past year...stay tuned!