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Quick Tips to Help Your Child Flourish in an Online Learning Environment

Enrolling your class in an online high school? This may take some adjustments, especially if he is coming from a traditional “brick-and-mortar” learning environment. After all, an online school offers a different way of learning (going to school on a computer!) and your child may need some time to get used to this new method.

Here are some ways to help him thrive and succeed with his online high school program:

Making Lifelong Learners

Fostering a love for learning, exploring and discovery will help ensure your child’s success in the future. One of the hallmarks of career-growth would be an attitude of constantly wanting to learn, the willingness to try new things and to think the process through. Whether your child wants to pursue a career or start his own business, being a lifelong learner would surely be an asset. What’s more, seeking to learn just for the sheer enjoyment of it will help your child grow and enrich his life.

Get your child excited and motivated to learn

Being enrolled in an online high school has its advantages. It allows your child to work at his own pace and he can give more time to subjects he is struggling with and enable him to breeze through subjects he is good at. However, like a traditional brick and mortar school, a virtual high school also has its challenges, chief of which is to ensure that your child is motivated and continues to be motivated throughout the course of the online high school program.

GED Vs. Online High School Diploma: Is there a difference?

Educational credentials go a long way towards career growth. If you were not able to earn a high school diploma in your teens, it’s never too late. You may have been forced to leave high school because of the need to help with the family’s finances, or were pursuing an athletic, musical or showbiz career or for any other reason. You have a second chance (actually, two!) towards proving your academic ability: you can take the General Educational Development (GED) test or get an online high school diploma.

The SQ3R Method: Maximizing Learning for Online Classes

Online high school, as with brick and mortar high schools, require a considerable amount of reading. There’s that book report for your online high school English course, the readings required for your history and science lessons and more. Reading and comprehending are skills that are not only handy while earning your high school diploma. It is also very useful for employment and enjoyment. Reading keeps abreast of the times, heighten your love and appreciation for great literary works and help you become a well-informed and highly competitive candidate for future jobs.

Say Bye-Bye to Internet Distractions

Being on an online high school has its own challenges. With the freedom it provides its students, allowing students to work based on their own schedule and pace; it is very easy to succumb to distractions. A friend pops up in Facebook and chats for 30 minutes. An interesting article in the Internet led to more interesting articles you just can’t resist reading. Or it may be that your favorite Internet game beckoned and you just couldn’t say no. A peek at your favorite shopping website turns into hours of window shopping.

Online High School Netiquette Tips

Learning is not an isolated activity. The ability to interact with teachers and fellow students and share one’s thoughts, as well as listen to others’ thoughts enables effective learning to take place. However, a virtual high school operates in a different environment. It harnesses the connecting power of the Internet so that you are able to hold group discussions with classmates, even when they are on the other side of the world.

Fueling Up the Fire in Your Child’s Mind: Creativity and Online Learning

Can being on an online high school help spark your child’s creativity?

One of the fears a parent has with an online high school program is that the student may be chained to his computer day in and day out. However, that is far from the truth. Rather, the curriculum and the freedom that studying on an online high school can give are both great openings for the child to think outside of the box, to look at things in a different light. After all, online learning is in itself a different learning approach from a brick-and-mortar school!

Addressing Misconceptions about Online High Schools

Online schools are on the rise. More and more, parents are finding the value of helping their child earn their high school diploma through an online school. Based on a recent study* from Ambient Insight, the number of pre-K through Grade 12 students in the United States who receive some form of online instruction will increase to 17 million by the year 2015. According to the same study, virtual school enrolment is expected to increase by over 800% from 2010 to 2015.

Preparing for Your Online High School Courses

So you’ve checked out The American Academy and enrolled for your first set of online high school courses. An online high school is an excellent way to earn your high school diploma even as you’re working, pursuing your athletic or artistic dreams or are in a special situation that prevents you from going to a “brick and mortar” school.