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Blog - The Latest Virtual High School News

Are You ready for an Online High School Program?

You may have missed the chance to get your high school diploma but it’s never too late. A virtual high school is an excellent opportunity for you to earn your high school diploma even when you’re busy with the other challenges of life – earning a living, taking care of a family, pursuing an athletic dream.

However, you may wonder if you are ready to take on the challenge of an online high school education. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide:

Questions to Ask When Going the Virtual High School Route

Getting a high school diploma from a traditional school may not be possible for you because of certain circumstances. You may have special health needs that prevent you from going to a traditional “brick and mortar” school. Or you may have already dropped out from high school in the past but still want to get your diploma to improve career prospects. You may be a mother who is trying to balance work, family and studies. Or, simply, you prefer to go through the homeschool or virtual school route, seeing more opportunities for you to quickly earn high school credits for college.

Motivating Your Online Learner

One of the secrets of success in getting a high school diploma online is to keep the learner motivated. The ebb and flow of your child’s motivation is only normal. Don’t be surprised when your child feels energized to study at one point but in another moment would rather play online games, chat with friends or sleep. However, low motivation will only result in delayed learning and may even cause spats and fights between you and your child.

Here are some ways to engage and motivate your child:

How an Online High School Can Prepare Your Child for Employment

Getting a high school diploma is not just what a virtual high school can give you. The skills and discipline provided also prepare you for future employment – making you more competitive in the workforce. With today’s high unemployment rates and stiff competition, every advantage you can offer potential employers will count in your favor.

Establishing A Rewards System For Your High Schooler

Your child may sometimes forget: learning is fun! You, as a parent, can be a great source of motivation and encouragement. This is particularly important for a student enrolled in a virtual high school. There are no teachers who will follow up and motivate the child. He has to develop a certain level of discipline for him to independently complete his courses and earn his high school diploma.

Creating a Schedule for Your Online High School Student

One of the benefits of an online high school is that it gives the student plenty of flexibility and freedom when it comes to schedules. You can take days off for special activities, you can plan vacations or set aside time for the student to get a part-time job. However, even with all the flexibility available, it is useful to have a schedule for a day’s learning.

Working Parents and Online High Schools

Can your child be enrolled in an online high school while both you and your spouse are working full time? Can you both be working on a nine-to-five job and still make online high school for your child work? The answer it, it depends.

The success of an online high school program will depend on a number of factors if both you and your spouse are working outside of your home. These include:

Traveling while Earning Your High School Diploma

Are you or your family always on the road? Are your bags perennially packed and ready to go? There may be a number of reasons why you need to study on the go. You may be an athlete who regularly participates in local, city, state and national competitions. Or, you may be an aspiring ballerina or actor who needs to go to various auditions. Your family may need to go abroad because of your parents’ job.

Social Anxiety Disorder and How Virtual High Schools can Help

Is your child extremely shy? Is she someone who cannot seem to deal with social events and would rather spend the day holed up in her room than go to a social gathering? Is he someone who exhibits a seemingly exaggerated fear and dread of having to speak before or even be with other people? It may not be a simple case of shyness. It may be more. With the help of a seasoned psychologist, you can have your child evaluated - perhaps he or she has social anxiety disorder.

How a Virtual High School Can Help Your Teen Gear Up for College

College is a whole new ball game when compared to high school. There are mounds of readings to do, papers to write and a long list of extracurricular activities to explore. With a bigger class size in college, you also need to make your presence felt in the class. Your teen may feel overwhelmed by the pressures of college. It would be helpful if you already make the effort to prepare him so that the transition from high school to college will be smooth and straightforward.