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Online High School: Ten Ways You Can Prepare Yourself

To be a successful student of an online high school takes some preparation. The misconception that students of virtual high schools have it easier as compared to those who study in a brick and mortar high school can never be more wrong.

Earning your high school diploma (whether online or through a traditional class) has its own challenges. With an online high school program, the challenge is to be able to organize and manage your time and resources. You can minimize these challenges by making the necessary preparations before you enroll in a virtual high school.

Online Study Techniques 101: How to Enhance your Memory

Having a great memory is not only a helpful skill when it comes to remembering phone numbers and names, it can also help you ace your online high school tests. A great memory can help you remember important facts, dates and names in your lessons.

Beating the Test Monsters

You’ve studied for the test with the goal of acing it. However, when you opened your computer, signed in for the online high school test and girded yourself up to answer the questions. Then worries start to crop up in your mind and your mind becomes a complete blank.

Tech Talk: Equipment You Need For Your Online High School Lessons

When you enroll in an online high school, the computer is your most important tool. It is important that even before you begin with the lessons, you have already set up your technological tools so that you won’t have any technical issues that can hamper your studies. With today’s innovations, you can enjoy the online school program’s functionalities without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Nixing Distractions in Your School Day

Getting connected with friends on your favorite social networking sites. Surfing your favorite websites for the latest online news. Your favorite apps. Online games. Checking on the cell phone and seeing a text message from a friend.

These are all things that can prevent your online high school day from being as productive as you want. These disruptions can keep you from finishing your goal for the day. And as this daily debt grows, you will soon find that you are out of time and with still a ways to go before you finish your current online high school lesson.

Kick these Habits and Have a More Productive Day

There are some habits that keep us from achieving as much as we could have, not just for our online high school education, but also for life in general. As you try to earn your high school diploma online, the challenge is how you can effectively wear a number of hats – employee or entrepreneur, parent, friend and student. With the level of responsibilities you already have, plus the responsibilities you have as an online high school student, it becomes necessary for you to bid adieu to some habits in order to make the most of your limited time.

Be Your Child's Learning Coach

With your child’s enrollment in a virtual high school such as The American Academy, you, as the parent, will need to wear another hat – learning coach. Even as your child grows and matures, and hopefully, becomes responsible for his own learning, your presence will make a huge difference in ensuring that work is done and that your child has what he needs to succeed as a virtual high school student.

High School: Are you ready to go back?

You may have quit high school for one reason or another. But that does not mean that earning your high school diploma is no longer an option. Whatever your age and circumstances, being a high school graduate (as opposed to not being one) is something that can help you with your career and your life in general. It can also open doors for college.

Is it possible for students to do well taking classes online?

The American Academy offers accredited online high school classes, including the opportunity for students to earn an online high school diploma.

Will Block Scheduling Work on an Online High School Curriculum?

Block scheduling is new way of scheduling classes where the students do fewer subjects in a day for longer periods of time. The theory is that with more time to spend on a subject at any given time, he more engaged a student is in his lesson and the more he learns. Proponents of block scheduling assert that this type of class schedule allows a student to work only with a few major concepts, unlike a traditional class schedule where a student grapples with different concepts from a number of subjects for a shorter amount of time.

Some types of Block Scheduling