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Fun Ways to Go "Around the World"

Learning about different cultures has a unique way of opening our children’s eyes to its differences and similarities to their own. In turn, they can learn to respect, appreciate and even embrace these differences. What’s more, this awareness and appreciation will help them understand their unique place in the world. The insights that an online high school student gleans from exploring a certain country’s culture also help make him more engaged in his surroundings and more open to the people in it who may have different cultures than he does.

Preventing Eyestrain While On Your Online High School Classes

Getting your high school education online has a variety of benefits. It allows you to work in your own pace, giving you more time for the subjects you are struggling with while allowing you to breeze through subjects that are easy for you. You can also make the online high school lessons work around your other activities such as sports training, a job or an acting career. You can take it virtually anywhere – at home, while waiting for your flight, at your hotel room.

Managing Your Workload in Online High School

How’s your workload? Often, it seems that life is like one big juggling act. You try to balance your studies as an online high school student and your other priorities such as family, career and social life. Often, people who have a full plate consider getting a high school diploma through an online school a perfect solution for the need to accomplish certain life goals while still getting quality education. These may be athletes in training, aspiring actors or gifted students aiming for the fast track.

Learning Coach 101: Helping Your Student Overcome His Struggles in His Online Studies

Is your child struggling with his studies? Do you see you and your child on a tug-of-war in order to get online high school assignments done? As your child’s learning coach, you can help your child achieve his full potential while staving off poor academic performance and endless protests. The key is to discover the reasons behind his struggles and his attitude and addressing them.

Here are some possible reasons behind a child’s negative attitude towards schooling:

Cool Things You Can Learn from a Virtual High School

Having an online high school education is not about earning enough credits to get a high school diploma. More than that, it can prepare you for the competitive global environment. Indeed, there are a number of skills that are honed through a virtual high school more than a brick and mortar high school. Online learning can actually be a great opportunity for one to grow and become more competitive in today’s digital world.

Here are some things that a student can learn and develop in a virtual high school:

The SAT or ACT tests for Online High School Students

Are standardized tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or ACT necessary for graduates of online high schools? This question is still up for debate. Those who are for the standardized tests say that this provides universities with a baseline by which they can evaluate a child’s college application. Meanwhile, those who are against the use of standardized testing claim that the scores of these tests reflect how well a student is able to take the test, rather than his reasoning ability and his ability to thrive in a college environment.

Online High School Classes and Your Health

Being an online high school student is no reason for one to ignore healthy personal habits. There is the temptation to simply stay in front of the computer and focus on one’s lessons. However, staying in tip top physical shape can also enable you to be in tip top shape mentally. Also, a slew of illnesses (cancer, heart disease and stroke) are actual lifestyle disease, where stress, an improper diet and lack of exercise and sleep are known to be the culprits.

High School Graduation: How to Make It More Meaningful for Your Student

One of the most memorable days of one’s high school life is graduation day. The sight of toga-clad students lining up to get their high school diploma and the moment they are pronounced graduates with the strain of “Pomp and Circumstance” playing in the background almost always brings tears to a proud parent’s eye. And who says virtual high school students have to miss out on graduation, even when they are not enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school?

Community Involvement and the Virtual High School Student

The perception that online high school students are shut-ins that are glued to their computers day in and day out is just that – a perception, albeit an erroneous one. The flexibility that a virtual high school affords the student actually provides him with plenty of opportunities to be fully immersed and involved in the community he lives in.

Using the Internet to Research and Write Your Papers

As an online high school student, you already know the power of the Internet to deliver your lessons and help you earn your high school diploma. You can study, take tests and talk to online teachers and classmates virtually anywhere. You can also harness the Internet to get information on your research projects, papers and assignments.