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8 Indicators of A Good Online High School

There are online high schools and there are online high schools. Admittedly, in the online academic world, there are true-blue online schools that offer quality education and there are schools that are referred to as diploma mills. It is important for parents and students alike to distinguish between the two types of virtual high schools so that they can know which option to take if they are really serious about learning.

6 Reasons Why Parents are Switching to an Online High School

An online high school has slowly evolved to become a viable alternative to a brick and mortar high school. With the advancement in technology and the production of quality online high school courses, students can learn just as effectively.

Online School 101: Recordkeeping Basics

As a parent of an online high school student, you will be responsible for ensuring that all student records are intact and readily accessible. The student records are an important tool that provides the landmarks in your child’s education. Indeed, going through the trouble of keeping meticulous records will make it easier for you at the end of the road.

Improving Computer Savvy in Online High School Students

Digital literacy is more and more becoming a “basic skill”. More and more, it is a given that the 21st century-employee or entrepreneur is already proficient with the computer. This involves the basic knowledge of using the Internet and knowing how to use word-processing programs, number-crunching programs and programs geared towards reports and publications. For some, it even extends to the intricacies of computer programming and producing web content.

Health Tips for Online Students

With the growing life-style related diseases that the country faces today (i.e. obesity, hypertension, heart disease, or cancer), it becomes necessary for you, the online high school student, to ensure that you stay healthy by adding more activities and movement to your day. Remember, as a student of a virtual high school, you don’t have the natural physical activities related to brick and mortar schools. For instance, you don’t stand up to walk to the other hall or the other building to go to your next class or run if you’re running late.

Helping High Schoolers With an Action Plan for the Future

Is your online high school student wondering what next steps he would take after graduating from high school? Is he still unsure about what he wants to do, whether he wants to continue on to college and what course he would take?

Online High School 101: Building Writing Skills

Being able to express your thoughts and put it in paper is an important skill to develop. As an online high school student, much of your communications will be through that media. You will most likely be communicating with your online teachers and “classmates” via e-mail, chat or group forums. Great writing skills are also a big plus when you go out into the “real world”. Potential employers appreciate individuals who can create well thought-out and insightful reports, as well as business letters and other documents.

Online School Success: The Art of Prioritizing

Online high school opens a new door of learning to those who cannot otherwise get it through a “brick and mortar” school. For those who have health issues, who are pursuing an athletic career or who are working yet still want to earn a high school diploma, an online high school is a good choice as it provides a lot of flexibility and allows you to learn on your own pace.

Is Virtual High School Right for You? Here Are Some Questions to Ask

Are you thinking of enrolling in an online high school? This decision is one that should not be taken lightly. After all, a virtual high school presents a different way of learning, one that is different from the kind of learning offered in “brick and mortar” high schools. What’s more, when you do decide to go the online high school route, you also need to make the choice of which one to enroll in.

Summer Tips: How to Overcome Summer Learning Loss

Summer days are coming! How is your child spending his summer? Does he need to play catch-up to make up for learning days lost? Does he desire to move on to the next level of his education? Summer can be a great opportunity to do this. Even if you plan to give him a break from his studies during the summer time, as your child’s virtual high school learning coach, you still need to prevent any learning loss from occurring.