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Common Homeschool Myths Debunked

For many parents and children, considering a homeschooling situation for high school is a reasonable route to take. Many kids will benefit from homeschool programs, and at The American Academy, our homeschooling programs include classes online that’s specifically designed for families who benefit from these areas.

Unfortunately, there are a number of common myths that get around regarding homeschooling. Let’s look at a few of the most frequent, and spend a few minutes debunking them.


Surprising Benefits of Online Courses

Over the years, online courses in various areas have taken on a bit of a natural stigma. Online classes have several very obvious differences that separate them from a traditional classroom environment, and also a few more subtle ones.

At The American Academy, our online high school classes can provide a number of potential benefits – including a few that are actually the opposite of the typical reputation these classes get. Here are a few examples of these benefits you may not have considered.

More 1-On-1 Interaction

Questions to Ask Before Enrolling

At The American Academy, we serve students in many different situations who have many varying needs. Our online high school courses are perfect for making up missing classes, earning extra credit or spicing up your electives.

What are some of the big questions you should be asking yourself before you enter online classes for high school or summer school? Here are three big areas to consider.

Why Are You Attending?

Common Online Pitfalls to Avoid

For many students, the option to take online classes is immensely beneficial. It allows for totally different time management, along with adjustable learning styles that many students prefer.
At The American Academy, we offer a comprehensive range of high school classes online – and the expertise to help you succeed in them. Part of this success includes navigating a few common pitfalls found within online learning. Let’s look at a few, and how you can avoid them.

Time Budgeting

Top Factors in School Dropouts

Dropout rates are an issue in many school districts across the nation, and at The American Academy, we’re here to help. We work with districts around the country to bring a new layer of opportunity to dropouts and other at-risk students, and allow many of them to graduate by taking high school classes online.

In most cases, we’re able to take students who have dropped out and get them re-enrolled in classes within a few days. We think everyone deserves a second chance, and we give it in a way that doesn’t impact funds for other programs or students.

Tips for Smooth Test-Taking Preparations

Whether you’re taking online courses for high school or college or doing so in person, taking tests is the toughest part for many people. Many get anxious and nervous, and spend weeks dreading these big days.

At The American Academy, all our tests are administered by a licensed teacher or other public professional proctor. There’s no need to be overly nervous – here are a few tips to help you with preparing.

Make a Plan

Important Factors in Choosing Online Courses

When you’re preparing to take online classes for credits or a diploma, your first consideration is finding an accredited online school like The American Academy. You need a learning center with a backed-up reputation for quality, plus the ability to manage and transfer credits properly if you need to move to another institution for any reason.

Learning the Benefits of Homeschooling

Most people only think of individualized courses when they consider online high school classes, but at The American Academy, we offer these and much more. One of our other prominent programs is our fully accredited series of online homeschooling courses, which will put you on track to get your child the best possible education with your direct supervision.

Are these programs right for your children? Let’s look at some of the key benefits of online homeschool programs for high school students.

Tailored Learning

Lecture Differences Between Online and Live Courses

Modern technology has changed many major areas in life, and chief among them is the learning sphere. The ability to take classes and even earn diplomas online has rapidly expanded the options available to students, and at The American Academy, our programs offer the flexibility and affordability many kids need.

Time Management Tips for Online Students

If you’ve decided to take online classes from a highly-rated and accredited source like The American Academy, there’s a good chance it’s because online courses offer you the sort of time flexibility you need in your life. Maybe you have a full-time job to manage, or perhaps you’re a single parent with lots of child-related demands on your time.