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Blog - The Latest Virtual High School News

Helping Kids Manage Study Habits

For many students, online classes can be an excellent alternative to homeschooling or the traditional classroom format when it comes to time management. In some cases, though, other students may struggle with the transition it terms of managing their basic school workload.

Balancing Screen Time for Online Students

Internet usage is a common point of concern for many parents, and for teens who are involved in online classes during high school, this concern can take on a different tone. These students obviously need screen time to complete classwork, and it can be tough to figure out how often they’re doing this and how often they’re just browsing the web – and what’s appropriate for each.

Truth Behind Online School Misconceptions

For those considering taking online high school courses, it’s important to have the proper information. The rise of the online high school world has unfortunately led to a number of common misconceptions about these kinds of classes and programs.
At The American Academy, we’re here to help set the record straight. Here are three of the most common myths you’ll hear about taking classes online, plus the reality of these situations.

It’s an Easy Fix

Complementary Resources for Online Students

For many students and families alike, online high school classes offer numerous benefits, from independence to a different learning style that’s more preferred in some cases. Online courses also come with unique resources that help encourage education and development.
At The American Academy, our online classes are designed to offer your child the kinds of resources and opportunities they need to succeed. Here are a few additional resources you may consider investing in to supplement their learning experience.

Organization Programs

Maintaining Online Student Social Life

From a parental perspective, one of the largest worries in moving a high school child from the traditional classroom to online courses is the social aspect. Online classes remove much of the personal interaction that kids get from attending school in person, and some parents naturally worry that this will impact their social development.
At The American Academy, we keep all these concerns in mind. Let’s go over a few tips we often offer parents on how to keep kids involved socially even when they begin taking classes online.

Attendance: More than Academics

Common Homeschool Myths Debunked

For many parents and children, considering a homeschooling situation for high school is a reasonable route to take. Many kids will benefit from homeschool programs, and at The American Academy, our homeschooling programs include classes online that’s specifically designed for families who benefit from these areas.

Unfortunately, there are a number of common myths that get around regarding homeschooling. Let’s look at a few of the most frequent, and spend a few minutes debunking them.


Surprising Benefits of Online Courses

Over the years, online courses in various areas have taken on a bit of a natural stigma. Online classes have several very obvious differences that separate them from a traditional classroom environment, and also a few more subtle ones.

At The American Academy, our online high school classes can provide a number of potential benefits – including a few that are actually the opposite of the typical reputation these classes get. Here are a few examples of these benefits you may not have considered.

More 1-On-1 Interaction

Questions to Ask Before Enrolling

At The American Academy, we serve students in many different situations who have many varying needs. Our online high school courses are perfect for making up missing classes, earning extra credit or spicing up your electives.

What are some of the big questions you should be asking yourself before you enter online classes for high school or summer school? Here are three big areas to consider.

Why Are You Attending?

Common Online Pitfalls to Avoid

For many students, the option to take online classes is immensely beneficial. It allows for totally different time management, along with adjustable learning styles that many students prefer.
At The American Academy, we offer a comprehensive range of high school classes online – and the expertise to help you succeed in them. Part of this success includes navigating a few common pitfalls found within online learning. Let’s look at a few, and how you can avoid them.

Time Budgeting

Top Factors in School Dropouts

Dropout rates are an issue in many school districts across the nation, and at The American Academy, we’re here to help. We work with districts around the country to bring a new layer of opportunity to dropouts and other at-risk students, and allow many of them to graduate by taking high school classes online.

In most cases, we’re able to take students who have dropped out and get them re-enrolled in classes within a few days. We think everyone deserves a second chance, and we give it in a way that doesn’t impact funds for other programs or students.