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Frequently Asked Questions - School-as-a-Service

The American Academy works hard to ensure that the websites to which we direct our students are the most relevant, resource-rich locations for information related to their courses. We have compiled a list of sites that should be authorized for students to access through your Internet security filters, which can be downloaded here:

TAA Course Links Whitelist

No, it's a software service - you pay for what you need, for as long as you need it. We handle maintaining the system infrastructure as well as the applications and integration between systems. Our model is built upon a "Software-as-a-Service" design - you can find a good explanation of it here.

The American Academy is dedicated to giving you open access to your data, while also maintaining strict standards for privacy. As a SaaS customer, you can get access to your data via various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as by requesting data extracts or engaging with us to build custom interfaces with your other systems.

This depends on the level of service your school signs up for. At a bare minimum, if you provide us with a student's name and email address - we'll do the rest.