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Help your Teen Stay Smart on Social Media

It is not uncommon for universities and employer to conduct extensive background checks on students, and it is completely legal for them to check social media sites as well. While no student is expected to be perfect, it is important that they are thinking about how their activity on social media represents them.

There are few things that you can do as a parent to make sure that their social media posts today will not negatively affect their education or job prospects in the future.

Understand privacy settings

Top Benefits of Taking School Courses Online

Have you been longing for a greater degree of flexibility and freedom while going to school? Taking courses online may be exactly what you are looking for. Taking classes online will give you a greater ability to create the schedule you want so you can make the best use of your time. Here are some additional benefits of taking school courses online.

1. Greater Ability to Juggle Your Schedule

Why You Should Continue Your Education through Summer

Summertime is the time when most teenagers can’t wait to put away their textbooks and enjoy as much sun and freedom as possible. Why should you even think about making school a priority during the carefree summer months? While you don’t need to enroll full-time, here are a few reasons why you should at least take a few online classes through the summer.

1. Cram More Learning into a Short Amount of Time

Are The American Academy courses tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no. As of right now, only tuition paid to a post-secondary school is eligible for a deduction. You can see more information here:

The Creative Revolution

It's okay to make mistakes. Mess up. Make a mess. Shoot and miss. Shoot again and miss again. It's alright to not get it the first time. Or the second time. Or the third time. Mistakes are an integral part of learning and creating, and students with the freedom to make them have the space they need to be creative.

3 tried-and-true ways to make your learning space your own

Earn your diploma online in your happy place

Maybe you chose online high school for the convenience of studying at work or at home, but if you're like many online high school students, you enjoy a lot of leniency where workspace is concerned. From the dining room table of your parents house to the backseat of a camper with wifi, you've got your pick of hotspots and wifi locales.

Where you study is important

Are TAA graduates eligible to join the military?

Absolutely. In fact, our graduates are proudly serving in every branch of the United State Armed Forces.

March Madness!

The American Academy provides the largest selection of flexible courses and unparalleled support to help you reach your goals. As our contribution to March Madness, students will receive 15% off all courses. Whether you need to make up one class, get ahead of the curve or complete an entire program, add success to your bracket!

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Shedding Light on More Myths on Online Learning

We have already covered some of the common misconceptions regarding online high schools. Alas, there are still more! We would hate for you to miss out on the advantages that an online high school can offer just because of unfounded misconceptions. We believe that the best way to fight misinformation is with information. So here are some more myths we will throw some light on.

Setting Online Learning Myths Straight

There are a lot of misconceptions and apprehensions surrounding online schools and online learning. Much of this is actually grounded on the fear of what is unknown. You may have heard from the friend of a brother’s neighbor about how he has been victimized by a diploma mill. You may have this notion that online students don’t learn much but get to earn their high school diploma. Others may have the idea that an online school involves a lot of web-surfing.